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Talk Money tells the story of your money to teach you about business and finances.

Season 3
Feb 17, 2021
13 min
Big Bets on Big Tech with Alex Kantrowitz

Alex is a journalist, author, and the founder of Big Technology. On this episode we discuss his decision to go out on his own

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Season 3
Feb 10, 2021
42 mins
Welcome Back to My Channel

Want to create a business out of your passion? We help you navigate the ever growing Creator Economy.

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Season 3
Feb 3, 2021
14 mins
Back to School with Cara Phillips of Commonbond

Are you thinking about attending university? Cara Phillips explains how students can plan for their financial future

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Season 3
Jan 27, 2021
43 min
A Dorm Room of One's Own

The future of higher education in a post pandemic world? With online learning, parents and students are reconsidering the cost.

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