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Talk Money is a narrative podcast focused on telling the untold stories of business and entrepreneurship.

Season 2
May 13, 2020
18 mins
The Price of a Pandemic: Where Did All the Oil Go?

The price of oil went negative recently. Why? What are all the things you need to know to understand everything that going on with oil right now. That includes the relationship between the three largest producers of oil- the US, Saudi Arabia and Russia. We learn from an energy investor from one of the largest family offices in the US.

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Season 2
May 6, 2020
26 mins
The Price of a Pandemic: The Good Doctors

As ER physicians & medical residents risk their lives, are they compensated fairly? How much are doctors worth during a crisis? We talk with Dr. Nitin Vaswani- John Hopkins alumni, trained clinician and healthcare investor on the future of digital health.

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Season 2
Apr 29, 2020
16 mins
The Price of a Pandemic: In Nurses We Trust

The healthcare system is seeing a large shortage of nurses. With nurses being so essential to not only the patients, but to do the doctors as well, why don't we have enough?

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Season 2
Apr 21, 2020
15 mins
The Price of a Pandemic: Video Games Rule All

Not all industries are suffering from the virus. Gaming and streaming are seeing more usage now than ever before. How did a billion dollar industry emerge from people playing video game? We talk to an industry expert about how we got here, and where we’re going.

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