What's the Deal with Bitcoin? (Part 2)

If you've heard the term 'Bitcoin' but still don't understand it, you will now! Part 2 of everything you need about Bitcoin

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Hey Friends!

Have you been struggling to figure out how to explain Bitcoin to your friends? Or maybe, you’ve read every article and are still having trouble understanding it yourself?

That’s totally okay. I was in the same boat for years, and it’s why we wanted to tackle the topic early on in Season 1 of Talk Money.

Here’s the thing… you don’t have to buy into any of this, but why not understand it? It will give you more firepower to shut down your little cousin when they mention Bitcoin at Thanksgiving. This two-part special is THE BEST 101 on the topic out there.

Technically, I didn’t say it. This is from some experts in the space who I have the utmost respect for.

So here is our two-part series on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies, entitled, “What’s the Deal with Bitcoin?”

Part 1: The Foundation (Apple Podcasts or Spotify)

In this episode, we’ll learn what exactly Bitcoin is and the problem it solves. We’ll hear from economist Carlos Hernandez, who shares his story of how Bitcoin saved his family’s life, living in Venezuela - where they suffer from hyperinflation.

We’re joined by investor Avichal Garg, who takes us on an incredible journey of why Bitcoin was created, where it can go, and why it’s considered “Digital Gold.”

Part 2: How to Buy, Invest, and Store Bitcoin (Apple Podcasts or Spotify)

There are a ton of clickbait news and podcast advertising on ways to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Don’t listen to them if you haven’t truly understood the risk involved.

In Part 2, we’ll learn from investor Ari Paul, former University of Chicago Endowment Manager, on how to properly think about the risks with buying Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We’ll also learn why they’re so volatile (big swings in the price).

We’ll hear the story of how a friend turned $10,000 into $18,000,000 (on paper), and lost almost all of it. These lessons will teach us to proceed with caution.

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