April 24, 2020

The Price of Pandemic- Calling All Therapists (on Facetime)

Our mental health is SO important right now.


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The point of this podcast and platform is to push the idea that talking about money doesn’t have to be just the obvious topics. Topics can be broad, and this episode is an example of that. Today we’re talking about mental health, and the importance it plays in the current state of affairs. The importance of mental health professionals couldn’t be more prevalent. They are there for all of us during these trying times - from providing simple meditation to calm our nerves to treating the nurses and physicians on the frontlines.

Episode 3: Calling All Therapists (On Facetime)- In today’s episode I am joined by Dr. Angela Aznavorian, a clinical psychologist who also happens to be my wife and partner, to discuss the following:

  • How the business traditional brick and mortar therapy works
  • The history of Telehealth, and the use of it now during social isolation
  • How Telehealth & technology gives us all access to mental healthcare
  • What the future of therapy might look like, and the importance of self-care

We will be doing deeper dives into this subject later, so I hope you enjoy this glimpse into this topic. If you found it beneficial, please share it!

For Today’s episode, we’re showing our support for the NYC COVID Care Network. If you or your family member is an essential worker, you can receive free support from a volunteer mental, emotional or spiritual care professional. Go to nyccovidcare.org for more information, and to sign up as a volunteer.

Thank you!


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