January 12, 2022

Why Are Grocery Stores Empty?

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TMW #36: Jack Dorsey Drops Bombs on Web 3

Last week we touched on the drama that was happening amongst Web 3 and Web 2 enthusiasts. This week I dive deeper into the subject. Who said what, why it matters, and how we all should be thinking about this.

Bot Writes Comedy Gold

They should let this bot create its own sketch show. This is hilarious!

Jim Cramer is Owned by Advertisers

This the issue with a cable news channel that also talks about the stock market. They need to sell entertainment and keep eyes on them. I mean if you actually told someone everyday to not change their portfolio and not sell anything, you probably wouldn’t have a show, right?

I don’t think he’s a bad guy. He seems like a good dude. But this show is just sooo old. People call in asking about stock advice from a guy who doesn’t really have a vested interest in schilling out advice. One day it’s a buy. One day it’s a sell. It’s ads man! IT”S ALL ABOUT FUCKING ADS! How do we trust anyone these days when all they want to do is get us to stay on their show, or listen to their podcast or open their newsletter….when they’re just trying to sell us an AD!

I don’ t count. You don’t see me selling you ads do you! I’m a purist. And no, it’s not because no advertiser has approached me….that is not the point! (IKEA, if you’re reading this, the honor would be mine).

Don’t Judge a Person by Their Followers?

As douchey as this is…we’ve all thought about this right? (Nervous laugh)

Don’t Be This Guy (I Think I’ve Become This Guy)

The DOA comment kills me. LOL

Grocery Stores Are Empty

This time it’s not because people are running to hoard for the apocalypse. Supply chain is a real issue. It’s not only COVID issues with the amount of people sick from work, but also the lack of truck drivers etc. It’s also because of….SNOW.

Snow is a real clusterf*ck these days. The latest snowstorm on the East Coast along with COVID shut-downs has caused continuous supply chain issues. Where are self driving trucks when we need them?

Reese Witherspoon is All in on Web 3

Why am I still talking about Web 3?! Because losing money in the markets is a depressing conversation and we’ll talk about oil stuff next week in the podcast.

Meanwhile, when I see a tweet from Reese Witherspoon about Web 3, I almost get a Scientology vibe. Have these people been brainwashed or like offered an enormous amount of money. What the hell is happening right now!

To be fair, Reese is a hell of a business woman, selling a major stake in her production company (valued at around $800M). But I get a weird feeling when celebrities drift so far from their core. What’s the angle here?

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