January 22, 2021

Want to Buy an NBA Team? Here's how! ๐Ÿ€

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This week we launched Episode 2 of Season 3. "The Future of Live Music with Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons". In this episode, Ben talks about how he decided to get into the venue business. You'll hear insights you've never heard before!

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How to Buy an NBA Team

Buying an NBA team is not a relatable concept. Diversifying one's investment assets is. This is a fascinating story about how Facebook billionaire became a minority owner of the Golden State Warriors. It's not always about ego (maybe only a little bit). Fun read.

Janet Yellen is Already Ruffling Some Feathers

Imagine you worked at a startup. You spent five years there and have stock in the company. The company is ready to go public, and you're finally going to make enough money to pay off your loans and put a down payment on a home. You're only rich on paper, and you haven't been able to sell your shares yet.

Now imagine: the government taxes you on those "potential" gains. Taxes you on the money you haven't yet earned, but still expected to pay with money you don't have. I'm not talking about billionaires here. I'm talking about employees of companies. I'm all for a wealth tax, but in the right way. Here's an example and here's the original article.

What Does it Take to be the Next Silicon Valley?

With all the chatter about the next tech hub being in Miami or Austin, there's one thing missing from those areas: multiple independent companies that are worth over $10B. Investor Bill Gurley explains this in his tweet above.

Silicon Valley became what it is today because it created a massive industry in silicon chips. It created a huge job market, bringing in lots of talent. Those companies then spun off other companies. Then we had the Googles and the Facebooks, and decades of building and growth. A lot goes into being the next big technology center. It's possible for another city to do it, but it will take time.

Inflation Benefits the Wealthy

The stock market goes up, and our favorite billionaires get richer and richer. When the government prints money, asset prices go up. What else goes up? Food prices. Transportation costs, etc. All of the things that affect the lower-income population in this country. We will talk about this issue in this season of Talk Money. Stay tuned.


How to Use Ads on Social Media ย 

If you're out there trying to figure out how to market your product on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I think you'll find this thread helpful. It dives into different strategies and how to go about placing ads on different platforms.

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What's the Future of Live Music in a Pandemic World?
Talk Money: Season 3

What's the future of live music in the pandemic world? Venues are shuttered. Roadies and crew are scrambling. Musicians are streaming from home. This billion-dollar industry is hanging on by a thread. Listen to Episode 1 and our bonus episode with Ben Lovett from Mumford and Sons. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

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