July 29, 2022

The Delta Variant Shakes Up the Stock Market! ๐Ÿ’ฐ

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We are back! I've been working on some things, so missed last week. BUT, I've brought you two NEW episodes of the podcast, including the continuation of our Season 3!

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Markets & Business

Talk Money Season 3: So You Want to Buy a Home?

If you own residential real estate, the last year has been a gold mine. The pandemic caused a much-talked-about surge in home buying: people in studios moved to one-bedrooms. People in cities moved to the suburbs. ย People in the suburbs moved to larger homes.

And prices have skyrocketed -- changing the shape of this industry for everyone from realtors to first-time homebuyers, to empire builders. Follow me on this story-driven episode where we go house hunting, learn about rental properties, and hear from some of the best experts in the country.


TMW #17: The Delta Variant Infects the Stock Market

In this episode of TMW, I cover three topics. 1) Netflix Earnings and the streaming wars, 2) Jeff Bezos's Space PR disaster, and 3) the Delta Variant's effect on the markets.

I get a little heated in this one, but that's just the way it goes sometimes!

Bezos Space Backlash

The accomplishment is amazing. He went to space. He created technology and launched his ass into space. How many people can say that? The narrative sucks. Billionaire goes to space and avoids climate change and poverty. Not sure that should be the narrative given the guy has donated over $100M to feeding the poor, and I believe has a $10B climate change program in place.

I get the argument that billionaires and companies can influence policy. But what does that say about our politicians? It's a constant blame game in this country. My opinion is that I think no matter what he does, he'll be made into the enemy. Will space technology allow us to advance in other technologies we can use on Earth? That's what I want to know.

What do you think? Do you think Bezos got too much flack for launching himself into space? YAY or NAY?

Apple Earnings Continue to Crush

50% more iPhone sales since the last quarter. This company continues to CRUSH. Over and over again. We should all have it in our stock portfolio. They print money. Yet the stock was down 2% after earnings because of supply chain concerns. LOL, earnings are kind of dumb. It's short-term thinking. At the end of the day, supply chain concerns will be fixed over time.

Also, do you notice yourself watching more and more Apple TV +? I know I have! Mythic Quest, Physical and Ted Lasso on my Apple TV, while I have my AirPods in, sitting on my couch with my MacBook shopping on the Apple store. If you buy Apple products, at least if you own the stock, you're getting that money back, whether through dividends or capital gains.

What Consumer Behavior Will Become Normal in the Future

This is the most tech bro wish list I've ever seen. I get it. Alcohol is terrible for you. But I'm not quitting. If I don't drink during the week, then I can still drink on the weekends and nurse one hangover instead of four. It's called strategy! Post drinking anxiety is just a mindset....right?! (nervous laugh).

I think investing and crypto will be more common amongst people in the future. I also think we'll be more environmentally friendly focused- all-electric everything. Are gyms a think of the past? Well, Equinox still knows how to charge my f*cking credit card, so until that stops...they're still in business.

Common Misassumptions About New Technology

Great thread! Remember before smartphones were affordable to the whole world, they were expensive and only accessible by the rich. Same thing with cars, TVs etc. Bitcoin was the same way when it was launched. It was this thing for computer geeks and shady internet characters.

Can the same thing be said for all this space launch stuff we're seeing now? If it wasn't billionaires on these space crafts and instead astronauts or engineers, would we be thinking differently about it?

That's all the news from this past week! If I was to make this newsletter into a Youtube show, would you watch it?

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