September 23, 2020

$18M is Raised After RBG's Death to Flip the Senate ✊

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Hey All,

This is Issue #009 of the Talk Money Weekly. To get your mind moving on the topic of money every week, I’ll curate and share trending conversations around money, business, current events, and pop culture from Twitter, my favorite podcasts, and other platforms.

Do you remember? The 21st night of September? It was only two days ago! Time is flying by.

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📈Markets & Business:

Elon Musk Left $21,000,000,000 on the Table

Love him or dislike him, he's done some incredible things. A friend told me, wouldn't we rather get stuck with an egomaniac like Elon Musk, and have him push space travel and a cleaner planet than some of the other dumb shit (ahem) powerful people do? 100%. Can you imagine having the potential to make billions, but instead you invest in three new companies that change the world...and it works! It's a wild story.

Surprising Secrets of Consumer Goods

This thread is why Twitter and the internet are so great. We've all had these questions, and now we'll finally get answers. I won't ruin the thread, but you'll have several "NO WAY" moments. Enjoy.

Is Warren Buffet the GOAT Investor?

Buffet has not only been the game for several decades, he continues to surprise us. Yes, he's made some mistakes, like owning a handful of airlines. Given his streak recently, he's still got it. The insurance business might be one of his greatest investments ever. Why? Insurance companies collect premiums and model for claims payouts. Those premiums are cash sitting idle, and they're allowed to be invested. Buffet used the cash his insurance business produced to buy more stocks and companies. Imagine borrowing money at "zero" cost, and being the best investor of all time. It's one way to amass a fortune.

Best Business Books...That Are Actually Useful

One way to use Twitter, especially if you have a large following, is to crowdsource recommendations. Business books are notorious for being too long and mostly repetitive information. They don't all have to be that way. There are plenty of great recs in this thread. Hope it's useful! Andrew will be on Season 3 of Talk Money, coming out this fall!  

👩🏽‍⚕️ Career:

Learning From Your Past Career Mistakes (and Others)

This might be a bit of a tech industry heavy, but the lessons are universal. Lots of great tangible takeaways as well as philosophical answers. My biggest mistake was not jumping on certain trends early on and keeping at them. This relates to creating content. I had plenty of chances to dive in deeper and build a really strong audience and network. I didn't follow through. I'm here now, correcting that mistake. I must say, I love it and plan to be here for a while.

🏛️ Politics

RBG's Passing Leads to Millions of $ Being Raised to Flip the Senate

RIP RBG. An icon and incredible figure is gone, but a fire rises. For those who aren't following, RBG's passing means that the left has lost not only a leader but a crucial vote on the Supreme Court. With Mitch McConnell wanting to replace RBG with someone from the right. This causes all sorts of issues with power dynamics. With Mitch McConnell being the senate majority leader, the Democrats need to "flip the senate" to stop a supreme court justice replacement from happening. How does one flip the Senate? They need a few more blue Senate seats than red. How? You need MONEY to push the message across- tv ads, radio ads, billboards, Facebook ads etc. $18M has been raised specifically for the Democratic Senate race inspired by peoples' love for RGB and her dying wish- that she shall not be replaced till there's a new president in office.

🎥 Sports

How Tony Hawk Went From $5 to $140M

It's incredible that to this day, Tony Hawk is still so active and relevant. Hell, he's still skateboarding like he's a kid. Imagine being a 15-year-old Tony Hawk making $100K a year in the 80s, only to spend it all. He has reinvented himself over and over again, and he truly is an American legend. Keep in mind, his fortune came with time, dedication, and hard work. It sounds cliche, but almost every single person that has achieved that level of success has a similar story. Great thread for inspiration.

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