August 5, 2020

Talk Money Weekly #003 - The Rock Buys a Sports League for $15M ๐Ÿ’ช

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Mesh Lakhani

Hey Everyone,

This is Issue #003 of the Talk Money Weekly. We all know that money makes the world go round. Money influences every facet of society, what we do, the decisions we make, and the content we consume.

To get your mind moving on the topic of money every week, Iโ€™ll curate and share trending conversations around money, business, current events, and pop culture from Twitter, my favorite podcasts, and other platforms.

My heart and thoughts go out to the people of Beirut this week. It's absolutely devastating. Please visit the Lebanese Red Cross if you'd like to support. Be safe out there.


๐Ÿ“ˆMarkets & Business:

Marshmello Started with a $5K Billboard Outside of Coachella

This is one of those incredible Twitter threads that tell an unexpected story. Here we learn how Marshmello and his manager, Moe Shalizi, went from nothing to one of the biggest acts on the planet. An act that has a positive message and is family-friendly. Which pays well.

Stock Goes Up 2000%, and then Down DAYS

The speculation and craziness that's happening with stocks right now is insanity. Elizabeth Warren lays down the hammer. Here's a company (Kodak) that went from $2 to $46 in TWO Days (2000%+), and then down 75%. A deal from the Trump admin, insider trading and whatever dirt comes from this will be one to follow.

A Tik Tok Sale Is Not Simple & Quite Dangerous for the US

The bottom line, consumers and creators don't want to lose Tik Tok. With Microsoft in talks to buy a piece of the company, how does that actually work? It's a very complicated deal, and who better than Ben Thompson to dive into the risks. This is more about the US vs China, and being vulnerable to leaks in the system. If you can ignore Trump's personal vendetta, this is worth learning about.

๐Ÿ’ฐPersonal Finance:

Tesla Model 3 vs BMW 3 Series: Which Saves More Money?

I stumbled upon Humphrey Yang on TikTok, and he does an incredible job creating short & engaging TikToks on personal finance. Just another example of how you can get creative with a different medium. Here he shows us why you'll save more money with a Tesla Model 3 vs BMW Series 3 over the long run. Lots of little tidbits in 60 Secs. You do not need an account to view.

โšฝ Sports:

The Rock Buys a Sports League, That His Old Boss Used to Own

The Rock has continued to build his entertainment empire. This time with the XFL that he bought out of bankruptcy for $15M. Previously the XFL had the backing WWE Chairman Vince McMahon who pumped a ton of money into it. The XFL apparently gets a few million weekly visitors (Pre-COVID), so this deal could work out. It didn't work before, but the price is significantly lower now than it used to be. Fire sales have been known to turn a profit.


The NFL is Taking Advantage of Our Tax Dollars

Joe is producing GREAT content on the business of sports. Football stadiums are multi-billion dollar developments. The city spends their tax dollars on the development to bring in future economic revenue. NFL owners profit more on the stadium than the city does from tax revenue. Dive in to learn more.


๐ŸŽ’ Education:

Colleges Need Your Tuition Check First Before They Announce Virtual

Should Colleges Open? (With Scott Galloway
Famed NYU professor gives one of the best takes on colleges reopening that I've heard. At the 10 min mark we learn that a lot of colleges are waiting on tuition checks to come in until they announce they will close down campuses. They are not efficiently prepared to handle students on campus. At the 20 min mark, he discusses how parents for the first time are questioning the cost of education. Colleges are not happy about that. It's a great listen.

That's all for this week! I hope you enjoyed the third issue of Talk Money Weekly. If you haven't already subscribed to my podcast, Talk Money, do so here. Next week we are releasing our special bonus episode on BLM, entitled "Black in Business." Season 3 is also in the works.

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