July 22, 2020

Talk Money Weekly #001 - Bubba Wallace Cashes In

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Mesh Lakhani

Hey Everyone,

This is Issue #001 of the Talk Money Weekly. We all know that money makes the world go round. Money influences every facet of society, what we do, the decisions we make, and the content we consume.

To get your mind moving on the topic of money every week, Iโ€™ll curate and share trending conversations around money, business, current events, and pop culture from Twitter, YouTube, and my favorite podcasts.

๐Ÿ“ˆMarkets & Business:

Mark Cuban is very active on Twitter and always sparks interesting conversations. He's making the argument that government stimulus, ie printing more money, increases inflation, which essentially increases the cost of goods, or makes the power of $1 less than it was before. View the comments to see how complex this question is.

What I love about Twitter is there can be such a good flow of useful information. If you've set up e-commerce for your retail brand and you're looking at options to fund your inventory, take a look at this thread for options.


Bubba Wallace received a lot of attention from his stance against the confederate flag at Nascar races. In the past, sponsors are hesitant to get involved in a controversy, but it seems the tide is changing. Wallace received support from the Cash App, which is owned by Square, which is run by Jack Dorsey, who has taken a big stance to support the Black community. We saw something similar with Fedex pressuring the Redskins to change their logo and hopefully this trend will continue far into the future.

๐Ÿ Real Estate:

YouTube star Casey Neistat shares what $2M gets you in LA real estate, prompting his followers to share real estate from all over the country. Use this to reflect on the the relative cost of real estate: what could you purchase with the same amount if you didn't live in an urban center like NYC, LA, or SF? Where would you live?

To dive in deeper, I saw this from Annie Shields, an NYC native, who shared what rent COULD cost elsewhere. This gave me anxiety. Seriously, where would you live?


VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash: David's First Big Paycheck on Apple Podcasts
David Dobrik is known for his YouTube vlogs that receive 10M-20M viewers. Not only is he great at creating entertaining content, but he's also built a multi-million dollar business. At 4:22, David talks about how he negotiated $1600 for his first real paycheck while on Vine. He goes on to how he'll now earn $200K for a brand deal, and why he thinks cash advances are dumb.

The Rewatchables: '25th Hour' With Bill Simmons and Wesley Morris on Apple Podcasts
Bill Simmon's Rewatchables Podcast, revisits popular movies that one can watch over and over again. This episode covered 2003's 25th Hour by Spike Lee. At 24:000 we learn that Edward Norton used the money he received on Red Dragon ($9M), to be a producer on the film, as Disney was nervous about the movie. It made $23.9M on a $15M budget. Norton put his own money in and got paid only $500K to work with Lee. This is what it takes to get a film done from actors and directors who are passionate about a project.That's all for this week! I hope you enjoyed the first issue of Talk Money Weekly. If you haven't already subscribed to my podcast, Talk Money, do so here. Season 2 may have ended but Iโ€™m launching an exclusive bonus episode soon about a topic close to my heart and Season 3 is in the works.

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