December 16, 2021

Stocks Vs Bonds Vs Crypto

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Talk Money Weekly - #62

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Markets & Business

TMW #35: Stocks, Bonds & Crypto (End of Year Review)

In our last episode of 2021, I interview my friend Rennick Palley, founder and CIO of Stratos Technologies. Rennick has a background in public equities, private credit, and now venture and crypto.

We discuss how markets- stocks, bonds, and crypto are behaving going into the end of the year and what we should expect. What can the bond markets tell us about where the economy is headed?

Why are crypto investors (especially HODL’rs) so different from stock market investors. I’ll give you a clue- the real ones never sell. Listen now.

The Future of the Internet

All of these are interesting. We’re not there where the new option is the right or better. It really all depends.

This is part of the eye roll sometimes. It’s not clear that a DAO is better than a traditional company structure. Imagine having 100 people as decision makers. Fucking nightmare.

SOMETIMES, the benevolent leader just works. BUT in theory it’s interesting for sure and we’ll see cool use cases.

I like the idea of NFTs over Jpegs and playing video games to make money. Some of the other concepts I’m trying to understand why I care about them or why they’re more valuable. Security and privacy play into that…unfortunately it’s not something I think about a lot, but maybe should.

Elizabeth Warren vs Crypto

Guess whose back? Back again. Warren’s back. Tell a Dem.

The anti crypto rhetoric is not productive. And when you focus only on the negatives and can’t get past it, it doesn’t allow for open conversations where we can find common ground.

Every politician has an agenda. Why are they going over the top? I highly recommend you watch the new Leo Dicaprio film Don’t Look Up- which is a satire on this.

Here’s the other issue, crypto bros are just way too aggressive. They are smart. Have amazing ideas. But the aggression is real, and it doesn’t create support from outsiders. Too many extremes. What’s new in this country.

Web 3 is Too Big to Fail

This is the way folks should be approaching “tone” when it comes Web 3. This sums it up.

TikToker Makes $100K a Day Doing What?!

This woman is great at excel. There was a time where being good at excel got you an investment banking job where you worked 24 7 and didn’t have any ownership in anything.

Now, you can take your skills to Tik Tok…which on its own is a skill. I never formally learned spreadsheets, but I’ve learned more from this creator than anywhere.

I love it.

Keanu Reeves Tells the Truth

Why ask Keanu Reeves about NFTS during the Matrix 4 press junket? Maybe you think you’re going to get an amazing clip. Instead you get Neo laughing at you.


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