December 8, 2021

Smoking Weed Saves the Economy

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TMW #34: Smoking Weed Could Save the Economy

In our latest episode of TMW, I spoke with Verena Von Pfetten, co-founder of Gossamer, a lifestyle brand for cannabis users. Verena and I talk abut the potential for the federal legalization of cannabis and what that could do for the economy.

We talked about the potential economic impact for agriculture and transportation, and what it could do for tax revenues. Really fun and fascinating conversation. Listen Now!

Bernie is Back in the News

Do Bernie and Elon have the same publicist? They’re very good at getting a rise from the Internet. This is not a Bernie-bashing because I know he writes these to get the attention (I think).

Yes, every country benefits from patents from Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccine. BUT, to call out investors for getting rich off a public stock going up because the company they invested in is essentially doing it’s job…is a bit ridiculous.

The whole point of a public company is to make investors money. And we can all buy stock in these companies. So technically, we should all want it to go up. We shouldn’t want anyone to lose money. Because for every billionaire that is losing money on a losing company, there’s a bunch of little people losing as well.

It’s capitalism. It’s the system we have. Hell, we might as well make money off COVID since it’s been such a parasite in our lives.

The Truth About Trading Stocks

It’s been a long ass bull market. No zig zags. Straight up. Since COVID, we’ve had a V shaped recovery. And now with variant concerns, we actually saw the market sell off in a way we hadn’t seen in a while….only to recover again pretty quickly.

Chris Sacca sounds a bit douchey here, but he’s not wrong. Trading is really really hard, and most times doesn’t work out. You think you’re a genius, until you’re not. The amount of times I experienced this when I first started learning about the stock market....

I would trade options and one day I’d make 40%. Then one week later I’d lose everything. But I had to go through that to realize, I just prefer buying things I care about and not touching it.

Streaming is Just as Expensive as Cable

This is SO TRUE! Before I go on my rant, can we just admit two things 1) Captain Planet wouldn’t last 24 hours in the real world. He’d be so useless in most parts of the world. 2) All the rings were badass, except…HEART. Like seriously bro, what in the actual f*ck do you bring to the table?

I was just thinking how ridiculous it is getting with all the streaming services. Instead of having one shitty cable UI to deal with, we now have like 8. HBO Max’s UI is shit. Netflix works I guess. Paramount Plus…garbage. I’ll pay for it all because I want it and I need it, but now you have shows all over the place and it’s getting ridiculous.

I was trying to sign up for Paramount Plus because I wanted to watch 90’s Nick and Yellowstone. Turns out Yellowstone isn’t on Paramount? Or it used to be? But now it’s on Peacock, so I had to get Peacock! I’ll pay $75 a month for one place, all access. I’ll pay $100! Just please, don’t make me have to activate my account again from my phone with some code…it is painful.

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