August 8, 2021

Republicans & Democrats Join Together Over Crypto?! ๐Ÿ’€

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Markets & Business

Real Estate Bonus: The Residential Rental King

Sadi Khan wears a lot of hats. A former Product Manager at Facebook and Microsoft, a founder of a new fin-tech company, and most surprisingly, a residential real estate aficionado.

In this bonus episode, we learn why Sadi thinks US rental properties are some of the best-returning assets in history -- and how he built his massive portfolio.


TMW #18: Robinhood is the Best and Worst IPO Ever!

In this episode of TMW, I cover the Robinhood IPO. The media likes to spin shit for headlines. This wasn't a terrible IPO, nor was it a great least on the day. A few days later it turned out to be pretty great, almost surging 100%. Why? I'll tell you...

Republicans and Democrats Come Together Over Crypto

Old vs new. Those who are afraid vs those who understand the future. This is insanely frustrating. Have you heard those in favor of crypto regulation speak about crypto? It's like if you took a TV to medieval times, turned it on and everyone yelled "WITCHCRAFT!" That's what we're dealing with here.

Republicans and Democrats together, but also on opposing sides. You've got Ted Cruz....Ted Fucking Cruz, on the same side as a Democratic senator saying that you cannot regulate crypto exchanges like traditional financial exchanges. They're forcing exchanges to share information they don't have access to in order to make sure they can "tax accordingly."

The narrative that crypto is used for just black-market trading and money laundering seems to be taking the lead here. More to come.


Here's Ted Cruz on the subject:

Here's crypto thinker and investor Balaji on the same subject:

More Millennials Own Crypto vs Stocks

Yes, social justice and policies are important. What's equally as important is wealth equality. We are at a time when everyone has the ability to invest. It's easy to access and you don't need a lot of money. You can invest $5, and not pay insane fees. This wasn't possible a decade ago.

Don't mess with people's money. This isn't a Democratic vs Republican debate. It comes down to what are the right freedoms we should have with building our wealth and controlling our assets? Who is going to be in favor of that freedom? Do we get bipartisanship out of this and it's out with the old and in with the new? The next 4 years are going to be intense.

Crypto is something I'm still trying to wrap my head around and we're pretty heavily invested in it. I leave it to the professionals. But I'm now getting FOMO. Kids are learning shit that you only learned getting an MBA and working on Wall Street. Now they're doing it by following folks on Twitter and Reddit and doing everything on the internet. There's so much to learn.

18 Year Old Sells NFT for 231 ETH ($648K)

Look what this kid accomplished! Hell yeah. His family told him his art was bullshit. He's18 years old and sold one of his pieces for $648K! Call it what you want. Call it a fad, call it dumb, call it whateverโ€ฆ.but he's rich now. He's inspired. Others will be inspired too. You can't stop it!

NFTs are a great gateway or should I say โ€œon-rampโ€ into crypto. People who like art, or appreciate it, are interested in it. The people buying these pieces are not idiots. Theyโ€™re in it for the love of the game and they're in it for the investment. Weโ€™re just too behind to see it. I love everything about this. Good for this kid! I bet this piece flips for 3-5X in the next 12 months...and guess what? This kid will still make money. Each time the piece flips...for the rest of his life. That's what crypto can do.

Remote Work is Here to Stay

Great thread on remote work. Our podcast production team all work remotely. No issues. It would be nice to meet together in a studio here and there, but as this thread suggests, not every day is necessary.

It comes down to better economics. No overhead on office space, or at least lower overhead on office space if youโ€™re not using it as much. Lower cost of living for workers who can go elsewhere. Lower salaries for those who donโ€™t have live in major cities anymore. Lots of benefits to remote work.

Finding the balance will be important. Sometimes magic just happens when youโ€™re together in a room, or colliding with each other in a space. I like the monthly retreat or a couple of times per week suggestion. I also think itโ€™s business-dependent. Some companies are just set up for remote. Some are old and archaic and probably struggling with a remote setup. Same people who probably hate on crypto (YES I SAID IT).

I personally like the balance of some days at home, and then some days in an office (in my case a studio).The amount of time saved on commuting is the real gem. ย 

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