February 9, 2022

Peloton Cuts 2,800 Jobs

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Mesh Lakhani

TMW #40: Facebook Loses $200B

On this episode of the podcast, I walk through Big Tech earnings. Everyone seemed to do well, except for Facebook, losing 27% of their stock value in a single day. This was a fun one to make, and hope you’ll laugh a bit at my party analogy.

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Peloton’s Sloppy Mess

This company has totally shat the bed. Lots of people are affected. 2800 jobs cut, and a stock that’s been absolutely hammered. Lots of talent out there that will be picked up from other companies, and a cheap stock to be acquired for anyone that might find it useful.

Just because a company is popular and has an IPO, doesn’t mean they’re going to survive. I use my Peloton app weekly. I love it. I don’t have a machine, but I use my building treadmill and use their content. Hardware is tough. Margins are low and shipping is hard. So can they survive just on a monthly subscription with content that can be experienced anywhere else?

Also, people are back the gym. Bad leadership. It’s unfortunate for all the people that were being paid in stock compensation. It will be interesting to see where the fitness talent at Peloton go. Do they start their content businesses or do they get snapped up by other fitness apps?

To NFT or Not to NFT…That is the Question

A big gaming company recently came out and said that “NFTs are a scam.” They aren’t messing with it. A lot of folks responded by coming to the defense of NFTs. Here’s the thing…if you think NFTs are just random animal animations being shilled out by celebrities…you wouldn’t be wrong. But that’s a very small part of it all.

What are the actual use cases of the tech? We are in its early days and I can say that I’m very PRO NFT. Here’s the line that struck me-  

“A lot of people seem to miss that the entire point of NFTs is to make content FREE while making ownership scarce. Nobody is forcing you to pay for an NFT, you can still enjoy it FOR FREE alongside everybody else.”

That very much resonates with me. It’s exactly what we plan to do with our universe of podcast shows. We want things to be “free” and accessible, but we also want to run a business. I don’t personally like the subscription model and ads, for the most part, piss me off. I don’t want to be dependent on other companies. More on all this soon. Read the thread!

Visualizing the Global Supply Chain

Ryan Peterson is the founder of Flexport- a tech company solving problems in supply chain. He’s one of the thought leaders in this space and is so articulate. Listen to this episode of the All In Pod where he explains what’s going on. (

This visual was striking. I had no idea Germany had such a big hand on trade. Growing up, you’d always hear that the best stuff was made in Germany, but you can actually see that here. What’s also striking, is how BIG China is and how many countries are dependent on them, including the US.

Facebook vs Tik Tok

I use Tik Tok everyday. It’s highly engaging and entertaining. If Tik Tok can do what Facebook does with ads today…this company is going to be very very hard to compete with. That’s exactly what Facebook is dealing with right now. They’re losing market shares to Tik Tok, and that’s costing them.

Not sure if Reels will ever compete with TikTok, or what they have up their sleeve in products, but right now, it’s mine and millions of others' favorite app to use.

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