December 1, 2021

New Variant, Same Stock Market Sell Off

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TMW #33: New Variant, Same Stock Market Sell Off

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

There’s a new variant that has us all freaked out. The Omicron variant…what a name. That is the name of an evil corporation in a Spiderman storyline.

In this episode, I break down what the new variant is doing to the markets, and how potential businesses and industries will be impacted. I give my opinion on what we should expect in the next few months. Take a listen!

The Good Ole Forbes 30 Under 30

This is honestly the dumbest list ever. Am I bitter I never made it? No…I was pretty useless in my 20’s, so the joke’s on them! (Nervous laugh).

This is all that Forbes has going for them, and while I’m sure it’s cool to see your name on this, it’s pretty short lived. It’s political. It’s who you know. It’s just a list made by a business publication that makes shit business publications.

I sound SO JEALOUS AND ENVIOUS RIGHT NOW! (I promise I am not). I’ve been applying to the 40 under 40 (digital South Asian edition). I may have a chance there.

Songs as NFTs

These are the projects that are super interesting in the Web 3 space. They’re solving problems that artists have been dealing with forever. Discoverability and ownership.

The music industry has forever been fragmented with artists vs labels vs rights owners. The ownership of songs is so important and that IP is sacred to many.

TLC’s Crazy Sexy Cool barely made the group any money. NWA was screwed over by their manager. Michael Jackson bought the Beatles catalog from under neath Paul McCartney’s nose. Scooter Braun bought Taylor Swift’s catalog from underneath HER nose.

Ownership is everything and tracking that ownership is hard. But fan engagement is also evolving. It’s not just about going to a concert anymore. We used to collect vinyls and box sets and limited releases.

Web 3/blockchain can possibly bring that fun back into a digital age, while empowering artists with ownership. This thread by is pretty cool.

Returns Over the Last 10 Years

I think the main lesson learned here is…buy and hold. Don’t sell that shit. Don’t try and trade the market. Buy more good names, buy less skeptical names and just hold on for the ride.

Shit, I should’ve taken this advice myself 10 years ago. The only thing I’ve yet to sell is Bitcoin. I’ve only been hanging on for 4 years, and I have no plans of selling for another 6. UNLESS, it’s to bribe Forbes to putting me on the 40 under 40.
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