September 9, 2021

Mike Tyson and Steph Curry Are All in on NFTs!? 💩

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TMW#21: NFT Mania

In this episode of TMW, we dive into all the NFT mania. What are they, what's all the hype about, what's the future, and how we should tread with caution. I speak with my good friend Phil Toronto, an investor who works with Gary Vee on his crypto projects.

Crypto Goes Iron Mike

I saw tweets from Steph Curry, Mike Tyson, and Steve Harvey. All three have NFTs as their Twitter profile pics. Shit is getting crazy. People want that money. They want that status. They want to be a part of it all.

In terms of what should one own? I don’t listen to people who say it’s one or the other. The die-hards or the maximalists who say it’s ONLY Ethereum, or it’s ONLY Solana, or it’s ONLY Bitcoin.

Own em all baby! Diversify. I have no idea which one is going to work, so I own a few of the big ones. If someone asks you if you should buy Amazon or Apple, what do you say? BOTH! Duh. You use your iPhone to order Amazon, don’t you? I know you do. We all do.

Finally, We’re Getting More Efficient Testing

It’s still insane to me that testing is such a pain in the ass. If you don’t have insurance, you have to pay a lot. Even if you have insurance, you have to wait 3 days. Waiting for 3 days is torture. How many times have you had a COVID scare and just sat in your home waiting? Anxiety in overload!

Otherwise, we can pay $150-300 to get that test back in an hour to twelve hours. What a racket! Imagine if you could get tested in your home, right before you go out or go on a flight? Free. Less likely that we would spread this shit unless you’re a terrible person and actively hang out with people while you have COVID. Luckily I haven’t met this person yet.

I once met a guy who had the flu and instead of canceling our rmeeting,  he came with his flu ass and could barely pay attention because he was on the verge of death. WHY WOULD YOU COME TO THE MEETING?! I haven’t spoken to him since.

Marvel Proves COVID is No Match for Shang-Chi

I saw this in the theater. I’ll go watch it again…in the theater. People want to go to the movies for the experience. Yes, there are movies I’ll watch at home. But some movies are made for the theater. Action blockbusters are those movies.

Yes, we order stuff online, but some stores are better for the experience. This is our future. Make the theater fun again, and enjoyable and we’ll slowly start going back. Marvel has nothing to worry about.

Military Equipment Have Deep Dark Secrets

Leaving US military equipment to the Taliban doesn’t just benefit them, it could benefit Russia and China. Why? What can one find out about deconstructing these weapons? Balaji's point is not whether this is impossible because it’s “old” equipment….it’s that we’re aren’t 100% sure there aren’t secrets to be learned. That’s the risk.

Movie reference. In Iron Man, a terrorist group takes the parts of Tony Stark’s first suit to figure out how to build their own weapon. I know I’ve seen a movie where humans take alien technology, deconstruct it and build their own tech out of it.

It can’t be a good thing, regardless.


Probably a better ROI. Heyo! (I didn't mean that)

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