October 27, 2021

Facebook's Third Act

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TMW #28: Facebook's Third Act

Facebook reported its Q3 earnings this week and just like Snap, it was affected by Appleโ€™s privacy changes. These changes affected how advertisers can test their ads; therefore resulting in a loss of ad revenue.

That said, Zuck is investing not only in rebuilding their ad platform to deal with the changes, but also into Reels to compete with Tik Tok. He wants to attract the younger generation.

Even more so, heโ€™s investing $10B in Web 3 and the metaverse, ie a virtual/digital world. Turn in for the breakdown.

Make sure to catch Facebookโ€™s big announcement tomorrow morning.

Shipping Freights Add to Supply Chain Disruption

Itโ€™s nuts. Weโ€™ve talked about this before on the podcast. Shipping is getting as much money as they can. BUT, itโ€™s also that shipping is backed up because they canโ€™t meet with demand due to labor shortages.

Its a classic supply and demand problem, but it's affecting the end customer and the company itself. Imagine Buying a couch for $100, and the shipping costs $100. Who eats that cost? A small company cannot afford to deal with that.

Ryanโ€™s been writing great insights on the industry. He runs one of the largest shipping logistics company in the world.

How Does Netflix Get a Piece of the Pie?

Make sure you have a good lawyer and a good agent. Any studio is going to try and get the cheapest possible deal and make sure they donโ€™t overpay when your show/movie is a success.

Itโ€™s all about costs. In this case, Netflix is also such a massive distribution arm that it has the ability to influence other businesses. How will it take advantage of that in the future? For example, games of Squid Game were being created on Roblox, player made games. Does Netflix now think about Web 3, and the metaverse and how they can profit from their IP?

What is the metaverse?! Weโ€™ll get to that in the coming weeks.

NFTs & Real Estate - One in the Same

If you make the right analogy, anything can make sense. Read the thread. The guy goes down this rabbit hole on how NFTs, and JPEGs are kind of the same as real estate.

Itโ€™s ambitious and clever, but we canโ€™t ignore this anymore. The longer we sit and say โ€œthis is dumb,โ€ the quicker itโ€™s going to come around and weโ€™ll be sucking our thumbs wishing we got in on it.


JPEGs is the New Fancy Car ย 

LOL. Really rooting for this guy!

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