November 24, 2021

Dollar Store Increases Prices by 25%?!

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Talk Money Weekly - #59

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TMW #32: Gettin Meta on the Metaverse

Right in time for those lovely Thanksgiving family discussions (or brawls, no judgement here). I have my friend, crypto investor, Phil Toronto back to explain to us the difference/comection between Web 3, crypto, and the metaverse.

I hope this episode does you well when you need to change the subject from your parents struggling to explain what you do for a living. Happy Thanksgiving!

Buy Your Way to the Top…where the hell did these guys come from. First they sponsor the UFC and now they have the naming rights on LA’s Staple Center. They do have their own crypto token, CRO, which is valued at $24B. Matt Damon just a did a commercial for them.

They’re spending A LOT of money on traditional advertising to get their name out there, and it seems to be working.

How Our Favorite Companies Manipulate Us

It’s not a surprise that we buy more and more from these companies. It’s by design. I have several iPhone boxes in my drawer. I’m a sucker to each of these companies tactics (except Starbucks, I don’t drink coffee).

Fun thread to check out.

Don’t Trust Rich People or Famous People

I just had a conversation with a guy who was trying to push me a bunch of random “coins” I’d never heard of, while not owning any Bitcoin or Ethereum. Be careful in this space and watch who you take advice from.

Lots of pumping and dumping. I think generally if you hear someone bash Bitcoin and pump something else, maybe get a second opinion. Everything is a risk, nothing wrong with a little diversification.

Dollar Store is Raising Prices to Above $1

Watching people argue over inflation is…fun for me? Has this what my life has become?

Prices go up. It’s bound to happen. But imagine paying an extra 25 cents when you’re buying $1 items, because that’s all you can afford. That’s when you’re really affected. That’s the saddest part of this.

10 Things About Web 3 To BS Your Way Through Thanksgiving

Let’s play a game. Take a shot any time someone says NFT, Web 3 or crypto. (I’ve been drinking since yesterday).

Even Your Turkey is an NFT


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