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What Our Readers Have to Say

I love the tweets and explanations. I haven't seen that format before - fun to get a taste then dig in deeper once I go to the thread.

-Brian S.

I loved this new newsletter Mesh! Killer idea and execution. Very excited to read this going forward.

-Daniel Scrivner

Hey Mesh — loving the content on your Pod + Newsletter! Thanks so much for curating.

-Bart M.

I really like the 3 examples - they sounded 'real' and I couldn't agree more. As previous editions, the articles are short and sweet covering topics that matters around investment, personal finance and business among others.

-Pascal S.

I thought this was a great hook for the email and loved the explanation.

-Jackie K.

This is legit impressive and varied. Would love to see which buckets of content get the most engagement over time, as you clearly have something for almost everybody here and it is SO SO ACCESSIBLE

- Daniel T.

Entertaining, engaging & educational

Learning a lot of listening to this show and the production value is really strong, The host clearly knows the subject matter well, but is also extremely approachable. If...


Thank You!

Wow! Once again, first time I've ever understood bitcoins!! Another great part!


Just what the dr ordered!

Been waiting on a podcast like this and was super surprised on how well it was produced and how engaging the host is! Subscribed right away and look forward to many more...